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Tired of missing out on your Dream Job?

Unlock your true potential, use the right tools and learn how to get hired even without the right experience.

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YouthCast Just-In-Time Learning 

Learn What You Need On-Demand

Welcome to YouthCast. Where you can gain the in-trend knowledge and latest skills from our tribe of facilitators, teachers and creators. Bite-Sized live and self-paced programmes to empower you with just what you need to find your place in the world of work. And life.

Just in time learning
Welcome to the world of work
Own the hot seat
Build the brand of you
Discover your Ikigai
Crack the resume code

How It Works


Learners enroll in digital courses curated for their post-school career pathways.


Learners participate
in exercises that would enable them to apply what they learn and contextualise learning to their individual needs and future pathways.


Learners participate in gamified missions and challenges based on their learning and post it in the community.


Through feedback mechanisms and community sharing, learners polish their skills to make it work-relevant and future-ready once they meet the testing criteria.


When they meet competency testing criteria, they would be awarded digital badges as a form of verifying readiness and competency skills.

Verified Skill as Your Passport of Credibility

Powered by blockchain technology, we provide a digital credentialing system that allows our learners to get verified accreditation for the skills they learn so that they are able to enhance their credibility for the different opportunities  made available to them in the workplace.

The Impact

Both verification and the process of getting verified can boost the credibility of the candidates by assuring the readiness and competence in various skillsets that are matched to in-demand real-world workplace skills.

verified badge.jpeg

Bite-Sized Micro Learning

Short interactive digital courses to deliver content that is immediately applicable to equip graduates for the world of work.

The Impact

These courses unpack complex concepts into palatable nuggets of information that are easy to understand and break down best practices into bite-sized action steps that you can immediately apply.


Real-Time Industry Insights

Capturing real-time industry trends, practices, and skills through our content so that the learner stays relevant in an ever-changing workplace.

The Impact

Lessons and insights in the digital courses reflect real-time industry practices that are curated and discerned through our industry and corporate partners.


Decoding Career Success into Bite-Sized Building Blocks

Our courses lay down for you the steps of succeeding in the workplace through ready-to-implement plug-and-play building blocks.

The Impact

Based on a study of best practices, learners discern key learning from those who have "been there and done that" and understand the "hows" of succeeding in the workplace.


Social Learning through Immersive Communities

The extension of peer to peer learning through a virtual community that connects learners with like-minded graduates across Asia and with industry mentors ready to lend a helping hand.

The Impact

By leveraging on the power of community, learners get instant feedback on the application of their learning and build valuable networks that serve both as a support system and a mentorship platform for them to thrive in the world of work.


20 Years of Transforming Lives

YouthCast is a digital enabler that builds on the programme experience built over the last 20 years by our parent organisation Adam Khoo Learning Teachnologies, working with over 2 Million Youths to prepare them with life and future skills in Asia.

Lives Touched


Different Countries


Education Institutions



970,000 learners

The content that Youthcast learners access have been remastered through 18 years of face to face training workshops, boot camps, talks and then digitally redesigned for online learning.


5.4 million hours of learning

These time-tested, evidenced based learning methodologies and engagement strategies have been carefully curated and put onto this platform for the benefit of online learners.


760 learning institutions

Existing and new long-term partnerships with schools, learning organisations and governmental agencies with an educational and learning focus result in a broad-based and diverse content offering to cater to Industry 4.0 needs.

Our Partners

The Digital Initiative Cropped
Our Partners



"I find the career starter pack insightful because they share real challenges that a young fresh graduate faces when they start working. From how to brand yourself to how to answer interview questions, many key challenges are addressed succinctly by giving a method that you can easily adopt- a cheat sheet- that makes things easy for you to apply."

Manfred Tan
Learning and Innovation

Sujata Bantawa.jpg

“These learning modules were engaging from start to finish. It gave me real, practical tips that I could apply easily and immediately in my career journey. My takeaways includes:

  • The importance of creating a personal brand that gives value to others

  • Knowing how to write a resume that is aligned to HR recruitment policies

  • Sharing proof and evidence of your skills in an interview through the anecdotes and examples you share"

Sujata Bantawa


“After going through the career starter pack, I felt I had all the tools and hacks that helped me kickstart my career. Indeed I used some of the techniques and tips for the job interviews I went for and it helped me to craft answers that were more impactful and made me confident going into the interviews. I would definitely recommend this to any fresh graduate who might be lost about starting your career. I certainly was and this was a great kickstarter!”

Shirlynn Tan
Pre-School Educator

YouthCast team

People behind YouthCast


Barbara Oakley


jd lee.png

J. D. Lee



Eileen Goh



Ridhwan Yusoff



Kenneth Cheng



Adeline Kang

Content Creator


Zul Mursid




115 Eunos Avenue 3 #05-04 Singapore 409839

Mondays to Fridays
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Nearest MRT station:

Eunos, Paya Lebar


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