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    The content that Youthcast learners access have been remastered through 18 years of face to face training workshops, boot camps, talks and then digitally redesigned for online learning.

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    These time-tested, evidenced based learning methodologies and engagement strategies have been carefully curated and put onto this platform for the benefit of online learners.

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    Existing and new long-term partnerships with schools, learning organisations and governmental agencies with an educational and learning focus result in a broad-based and diverse content offering to cater to Industry 4.0 needs.

The World is your Classroom

Transforming Lives Every Day Through Blended Learning

Whether you're looking to build skills for yourself, or find a course for your children or students, our life transformational courses will take  learning and motivation to a more impactful level.

Our content impels learners to take action for their goals - active learners who are always curious and eager to learn new ideas and create results with them. With our unique blend of education, entertainment and empowerment, we open your eyes to ideas and strategies from the forefront. 

Let us seed the fruits of tomorrow's goodness by starting to learn wherever we are placed- because when we know better, we will do better.

YouthCast Learning Framework

Inspiring Our Learners to Take Action

  • Motivate

    We break through limiting beliefs and debunk misconceptions, empowering learners with the mindset for success.

  • Cultivate

    We impart you with 21st century ideas and strategies, unlocking learners' greatest potential and nurturing growth.

  • Activate

    We equip you with powerful tools and skill sets, impelling you to take action and achieve your dreams and goals!

Hear from our International Learning Experts

Moving from ideas to purposeful action: this is the heart of service learning.

Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A., CBK Associates, author and international educator, travels over 200 days globally. Her specializations combine critical aspects of education to meet the needs of today’s learners, including service learning, 21st century competencies and approaches to learning, social and emotional realms, school climate and culture, youth leadership, effective teaching strategies, and environmental sustainability.

Cathryn has years of experience developing custom-designed programs for schools and districts globally that build connections between applied learning and meaningful action - she continues to be at the forefront in the landscape of education and communities today.

Louise leads her international team in answering the question “Why Are You Like That?” and engages everyone in the discussion.  This experiential process of self -discovery is not a prescribed formula or algorithm. Laughter and learning replaces anxiety. Hearts and minds are shifted. 

Trust is built, curiosity is stimulated, and many different types of challenges can be explored together. The experience created is safe and positive, and metaphor creates a universally acceptable and label-free language.

Ultimately, people understand they are different and want to make meaningful contributions to the whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the short courses completely online?

    Yes, all of our short course content is online, however some of the practical hands-on activities will likely need to be completed off-line.

  • Are there any pre-requisites for the short course?

    No, you do not need any prior level of knowledge, and we hope to provide useful information to people at a range of educational levels. As the course is fully online, basic computer skills are required to complete the content. You will also need an email address to enrol.

  • Are there exams or assignments?

    No, there are no exams or assignments.

  • How long is the short course?

    It is anticipated that each of our short course will take 2-4 hours to complete. Learners that would like to attempt every activity or engage with addition resources may take longer to complete the course. For a younger audience (e.g. preschoolers), parents/teachers might want to spread out the short course over a few sittings.

  • What if I have forgotten my password?

    Please visit https://youthcast.thinkific.com/users/password/new Please note: you will need the email address that you signed up with and search your Inbox and Spam folder for an email from noreply@notify.thinkific.com