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Global Skills Diagnostic Assessment 

Desert Highway

"I finally discover what I am good at!"

Dont' for 1 second believe that myth that you don't have the necessary skills to start a new job. Discover which CRITICAL CORE WORKPLACE skills you add value in to land that dream job.

Be Part of the Global Skills Movement

Step 1

Take the Global Skills Diagonostic Assessment Test

Step 2

Identify your Power Skills (top 3) and Skills Gap (bottom 3)

Step 3

Boost your Power Skills and fill your Skills Gaps through upskilling

After doing this, you will be able to give your career a sense of direction by 


  • Skills you have an aptitude for

  • Knowing your skill gaps


  • Which skills are your Assests (Power Skills)

  • Which skills you should level up

  • How to turn your Skills Assets into a Unique Value Proposition


  • Identify jobs that matches your Power Skills

  • Upskilling to fill your Skills Gaps

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